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Eric Siegel was born in Urbana, Illinois in 1976. His parents relocated to Atlanta, GA when Eric was still an infant and he has remained in Georgia ever since. After graduating from Lakeside High School in 1994, Eric Siegel left Atlanta to attend college at The University of Georgia in Athens, GA. He remained in Athens for nearly 7 years, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology. While attending college Eric pursued a career as a musician, playing the local circuit with the band 40 Acres for the entire length of his stay in Athens. As the internet boom of the 1990's unfolded, Eric taught himself website development skills in an effort to provide a website for his band. Those skills would continue to grow and would eventually become a career. In 2000 Eric Siegel graduated from UGA.

After graduating college, Eric Siegel decided to put his computer skills to use and moved back to Atlanta where he took a technical support job at a large web hosting company. While working for this company, his skill set continued to grow. Eric Siegel would eventually begin to specialize in Unix/Linux systems administration. After 2 years of working as a system administrator with the hosting company, Eric began to work as a systems administrator and web hosting provider for a small number of clients under his own company, Cyberstrux, Inc. Within 2 years Eric had put together a large enough client base to enable him to leave the web hosting company and pursue his work with Cyberstrux, Inc. full time. Eric now handles system administration and programming duties for companies such as SUP ATX, McCartney Multimedia, Find People Search, Aaron Equipment Company, Global Agora and more.

In addition to his work with Cyberstrux, Inc., Eric Siegel founded The Rocks Project and began to write website based tutorials for various Unix/Linux systems administration duties. The flagship website of these tutorials,, grew into a community environment enabling thousands of people from around the world to exchange information and help regarding the installation of qmail.

Eric Siegel is also an avid 3-Rail O-Scale model railroader and produces tutorials, reviews and blog videos on his YouTube channel. He has released an O-Scale model railroading DVD and routinely reviews products from many of the major O-Scale model train manufacturers such as MTH, Lionel, Atlas and Weaver. His website, Eric's Trains, contains loads of information on model railroading, videos, pictures and journal entries. For the latest news on Eric's Trains, follow him on Facebook.

In 2005, Eric Siegel met Danielle, his future wife, and they got married in May of 2006. In December of 2006, Eric and his new family moved into their first house in Woodstock, GA. In his spare time Eric enjoys hiking and camping with his wife and son, collecting and running O scale model trains, and collecting Zippo lighters and Swiss Army Knives.

Eric Siegel - Career Summary

CEO of Cyberstrux, Inc - Complete IT Soltutions

Global Agora

Find People Search

McCartney Multimedia

Systems Admin and Desktop Support for Union Square Media

Systems Engineer for SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Boards

Founder of - qmail server installation tutorial

Founder of - djbdns installation tutorial

Eric Siegel - Personal Stuff

Eric's Favorite Photos - Some of Eric's Favorite Photos

Some of Eric's Favorite Videos

Selected Writings by Eric Siegel

Eric's Trains - Eric Siegel's O-gauge Railroading Adventures

Eric's Trains Live Webcams - Live webcams of Eric Siegel's O-Scale layout.

Piedmont Pilgrimage - The NMRA train layout open house tour which Eric takes part in every year. A chance to see loads of great North Georgia area train layouts! Admission is free.

Eric's O-Scale Train Blog - model railroading blog.

Eric's Train website inducted into "The Collectors Weekly" Hall of Fame

North Atlanta O-Gauge Railroad Club - Eric's local O-Gauge Railroading Club

Eric's Trains on Facebook - Eric SIegel's O-Scale railroading page on Facebook

Eric's Trains on Google Plus - Eric's Google Plus profile.

40 Acres - Eric's college rock band.

40 Acres Audio Archive - The audio archive of Eric SIegel's college band.

So She Says Image Archive - Eric's high school rock band

So She Says Audio Archive - Audio archive of Eric Siegel's high school band

Eric Siegel On Find People Search

Mike's Meandering Mind - The blog of Michael Siegel, Eric Siegel's brother.

The Black Crowes - Eric's favorite band.

Live Black Crowes - Download Black Crowes live shows.

Eric's Trains YouTube Page

Eric's Facebook Page

Depalma's Italian Cafe - A previous employer. Incredible food.

Camp Mondamin - Eric Siegel is alumni of Mondamin and his son has also attended.

Legacy Station - Eric's favorite O-Gauge train store. Located in Lilburn, GA.

The Train Loft - Another great O Gauge train store in Winston-Salem, NC

Train Collectors Association - Members get to attend the York train shows each year.

Poo! - The cutest cat ever!

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