Eric Siegel - Selected Videos

This page contains a selection of youtube videos that I've made. You can find my complete library of videos on my YouTube profile by clicking here.

Click on any video to watch it. Double click on any video to view the full size version.

Eric's Trains - Episode 69
Eric's Trains - Episode 64
Eric's Trains - Episode 53

Black Crowes - Appaloosa

Full Layout Tour 5/23/2015

Lionel Vision Line GEVO Hyrbrid

Deer on Backyard Camera - 2018
Brothers of a Feather
MTH Coors Silver Bullet Train
Atlas O FURX SD40
Montana Rail Link SD70ACe
5-Engine Lash-Up
Lionel G-Scale Holiday Express
A Ride Around My O-Scale Layout
Atlas O Conrail MP15DC
O-Scale Layout Update 2/2010
O-Scale Layout Update 10/2009
O-Scale Layout Update 6/2009

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